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Neutral white
Since her student days, Evelien De Winter
has been using colour sparingly. For her final project
she revealed two-tone ceramic objects in grey, matte white
and matte black. The tone is set. During her conscious search
for a pure design, she quickly confined herself to white. The
service sets, dishes and vases were cast in soft stoneware
with a semi-transparent, high-gloss white glaze.
Evelien deliberately gives the clay a firm white glaze to mask
the beigeness of the fired clay. ... 
The high-gloss glaze reflects the surroundings in the
object, which immediately reveals the relationship between the
object and the space. And that is precisely what the designer is
after. By giving the double-walled dish and bowl a precisely cut
profile with a protruding edge, this shape takes on its cultural
value. The object manifests itself in space, the elevated edge
is the boundary at which form and environment meet. The
thickly applied glaze lifts that sharp cut a little more,

like a white accent.
Evelien finds white the most suitable colour because it is
a neutral colour which accentuates shape without distorting it.

Her sculptural objects retain their identity, and beyond that,
they have presence. She has recently begun experimenting
with porcelain, and she is able to recreate her clever designs
in this radiant white material.

Article Kwintessens Design 2008 Frank Huygens 'Pure White'

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